About Us

Make-A-Wish was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1980.  It all started with a single wish when a group of caring volunteers helped a young boy fullfill his dream of becoming a police officer.  Make-A-Wish is one of the world’s leading children’s charities.  With the help of generous donors and over 40,000 volunteers in more than 50 countries, Make-A-Wish has granted nearly 480,000 wishes worldwide since 1980.  Make-A-Wish Thailand is an affiliate of Make-A-Wish Foundation International, a foundation serves children outside the United States, while the Make-A-Wish Foundation America serves children within the United States. 

The First Wish

The creation of Make-A-Wish was inspired in the U.S. in 1980 by the fullfillment of the wish of a 7-year-old boy with leukemia named Christopher James Greicius, who wished to be a policeman.  His mother, several friends and a group of police officers, with the cooperation of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, granted his wish with a custom-made uniform, helmet, badge, and helicopter ride!  His wish was granted and he experienced hope, strength and joy during his battle with cancer. 

After the wish, those involved were inspired and eager to bring that same hope, strength and joy they saw as a result of Chris’s wish to more children.  And so, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was born.  

Why Wishes Matter

In 2015, Make-A-Wish Israel conducted a study to measure how wish-granting experiences influence medical outcomes of children with critical illnesses.  The results revealed wishes not only increased hope, they also improved the children’s physical and emotional health.  The wishes made the impossible, possible – helping children replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope.  A wish is something that gives kids the opportunity to look outside their illnesses- it restores a sense of childhood back to the child and normalcy back to the family.  “It is possible that wishing enabled these children to dream about that seemed unobtainable, out of reach, and thus created an experience of achieving the impossible” researchers wrote.  

Research shows, and physicians agree, wishes can help improve a child’s quality of life and produce better health outcomes.  And if the impossible can happen once, kids can belive in their ability to live with or even overcome their illnesses.  Make-A-Wish grants wishes to positively impact long-term health results.  


We are an organization that create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses around the world and encourage them to fight with critical diseases.