Beer, 16 years old

 systemic lupus erythematosus

 Wish to go to the zoo and have seafood

 Make-A-Wish Thailand


” Beer’s wish came true on her birthday “

On Beer’s 16th birthday, she and her mom were picked up at home with a birthday cake presented to her before they went to the zoo for her wish granting.  Beer was so excited seeing the animals in the zoo.  She fed deer, giraffes, and lions, and took photos with them at Eld’s deer park and Africa zone.  She joyfully went to see hippo who was in the water until Beer fed it with a banana; when the hippo opened its mouth for banana, Beer was so excited, frightened, and said “its teeth and tongue are so big”.  She watched the Penguins Parade and took a selfie with them.  

Just as she thought the day couldn’t be happier seeing all the animals in the zoo, she couldn’t stop smiling when another of her wish came true for a seafood at Pakarang resturant with her family.

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