Toey, 13 years old
 Wish to be a technician
 Make-A-Wish Thailand




” Toey learnt how to be a technician who he dreamed of becoming “

Toey is interested in two-strok motorcycle and wish to be a technician.   His wish came true as a technician when one of professional technician at the Mobius Motorbike introduced him how to do motorcycle tuning,  gave him knowledge of mechanic tools and vehicles, and showed him how to use vernier caliper.  Toey was very happy to learn how to assemble engine for a motorcycle, who assembled one by himself although his right arm and hand couldn’t move well; The professional technician was supporting him aside which made him felt confident to complete the assembling work.  

We thank to Khun Aphichai, the Managing Director of Mobius Motorbike, who sponsored Toey’s wish granting and made his dream came true as well as gave Toey a motorcycle helmet.  We believe that Toey’s wish came true was only the beginning of a great future, he is now determined more than ever to continue living out his dream of opening a motorcycle spare parts shop.

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