Best, 18 years old


 Wish to take a professional photo of nature

 Make-A-Wish Thailand


” Best learnt to take professional photos at Kanchanaburi Province “

Best’s wish came true on the day she went to Kanchanaburi province where is full of beautiful landscapes and natural attractions; a professional photographer from the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand took the trip with her, teaching her how to make a great photo of nature.  They took photos at the bridge of River Kwai, Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery and the entrance of the cemetery where she found the best view was. 

On the way taking train to Krasae Cave, she took a lot of photos of nature.  When she reached Saiyok Noi waterfall taking photos of it, not only she was full of joy with a sweet smile on her face, but also her mother was very happy seeing Best’s wish came true.


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