Night, 15 years old

 valve heart disease, pulmonary edema, anemia

 Wish to go to the zoo seeing the wildlife animals

 Make-A-Wish Thailand


” Night had a great time seeing the wildlife animals at Khaokheaw Zoo “

Night was so excited that she and her father were picked up from home to Khaokheaw Zoo for her wish granting.  She saw a lot of animals she loves, such as giraffes, deer, tigers, and elephants; she fed them with lovely smile on her face.  She had fun watching sea lion show, elephant show, and taking a trip to jungle watching animal hunting show; she walked and walked around the zoo full of joy taking pictures with animals. 

She also had a great memorable time with her father who had little time at home; she was happy when her father put her up on his back walking in the zoo. 

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