Ploy, 8 years old; Opal, 11 years old

 Takayasu’s arteritis; allergy and rheumatoid arthritis

 Wish to go to Cartoon Network Amazon Waterpark

 Make-A-Wish Thailand


” Poly  and Opal had a wonderful time at Cartoon Network Amazon Waterpark “

On the wish granting day, the staff at Make-A-Wish Thailand picked up Poly, Opal, and their family from each of their homes at 7am and 10am to the Cartoon Network Amazon Waterpark.  On the way to the waterpark, both Ploy and Opal were very excited and kept asking about the waterpark; they were very happy when they arrived and saw their favorite cartoon characters; they took photos with them, played and had fun in the kids zone, played on the pool slide with full of energy; Opal was so happy that she said he was not hungry for lunch because she wanted to stay in the water longer.  Although it was raining during lunch time, both of them felt so cheerful and exciting for the upcoming Powerpuff girls show started at 2pm; they took photos with Powerpuff girls who they love so much. 

When we saw their smiles with their dreams came true, we felt so happy for them, same as  Cartoon Network Amazon Waterpark who supported the wish granting for Ploy and Cartoon.

Ploy and Opal’s Gallery

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