Lita, 11 years old


 wish to have a blender and a Barbie doll

 Make-A-Wish Thailand


” Lita happily made smoothie for doctors and nurses from her wished blender “

Make-A-Wish Thailand granted wish for Lita at Washirapayaban Hospital, 9th floor at Mhawashirawut Building.  Lita wished to have a blender and a Barbie doll.  A blender was given to Lita at the hospital, as well as some ingredients of smoothie for Lita to make with her grandmother.  Lita made smoothies for her doctors, nurses and other patients.  Lita had a big smile when she took an order from nurses in the ward; she helped her grandmother adding ingredients into the blender and served everyone smoothie by herself; she was happy and had fun making smoothies for others.  Lita had been more lively than the first time we met her.  She had been always on the bed, but in the wish granting day, Lita was up and diligent blending ice making smoothies that everyone enjoyed. It made Lita really happy

Another gift Lita wished to have was given to her, a long hair Barbie doll.  She was very excited when she looked at the big gift box.  When she opened the box and found out it was a Barbie doll, she had a big smile on her face because she could braid hair for her Barbie.  Her smile made her grandmother, doctors and nurses all felt happy for her.  We hope the wish granting gives encouragement to Lita and her family to overcome everything in the future.

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