Aomsin , 7
 systemic lupus erythematosus
 Wish to be Princess Elsa and meet her
 Queen Sirikit National institute of Child Health



Aomsin smiled from ear to ear when she was Princess Elsa 

Aomsin had been dreaming of being Princess Elsa ever since she watched Frozen.  She loves the glitter sparkling on Princess Elsa’s face and the magic power the Princess has.  She not only wanted to be Princess Elsa, but also wanted to meet her because she would like to have a friend.  On her wish granting day, Aomsin was full of surprice seeing Princess Elsa and Princess Cinderella came to her house giving her a party. 

Both Princess Elsa and Princess Cinderella helped Aomsin dressing up in Princess Elsa’s gown and wearing Princess Elsa’s gloves.  Little Aomsin had her smile from ear to ear the second when she was turning to Princess Elsa holding a Princess Elsa magic wand.  At the party, she tenderly cut the Princess Elsa’s cake and gave it to each neighbor she invited to the party; she had a great time with her neighbors and a cherished time talking with Princess Cinderella.  She kept playing and listening to the Frozen song playing from the magic wand; Aomsin couldn’t stop smiling while the song was playing and she joyfully watched the little Princess Elsa spinning in the ball on the top of the magic wand holding in her hand.

Everyone at the party was very happy for Aomsin, including her father, her neighbors and the staff and volunteer from Make-A-Wish Thailand.  Seeing the big smile and hearing the laughter Aomsin had was like seeing the magic power making her even stronger fighting the disease, and even happier looking forward to the future.  

We thank all the sponsors making Aomsin’s wish came true!  Thanks to Princess Stang online shop for the Princess Elsa’s dress and accessories as well as Khun Dew for the Princess cosplay dresses, which granted Aomsin’s wish; thanks to Bakingthing Shop and KreamyHouse shop for the lovely Princess Elsa’s cakes and Ballonthonglor_by_EZ for the party ballons, which gave Aomsin an incredible party she would never forgot; thanks to ขายตุ๊กตา.com online shop for the Princess Elsa doll accompanying Aomsin when she needs a friend; thanks to T.L. MARKETING Company Limited for the Princess Elsa’s futons giving Aomsin sweet dreams with Princess Elsa every night.

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