August, 4
 Wish to go to the beach
 King Chulalongkorn
      Memorial Hospital
  Nakorn Sawan


I wish to go to the beach: August’s adventure at the beach 

August lives in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.  She wishes to go to the beach where she has never been to in her life; however, it is hard for her family to take her to the beach; beyond the wish of going to the beach, August wants to touch the snow, and to see ponies because of her favorite cartoon, My Little Pony.

On 2 February 2019, early in the morning, August and her family departed from their home to see real ponies at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club Pattaya.  The Thai Polo staff gave her a warm welcome and then took August to see ponies.  She fed them carrots, gave them grooming and had a ride on one of the ponies.  “We are very happy to be a part of her first experience of being with ponies”, said the Thai Polo staff. 

August and her family had lunch at Provence restaurant and then went to the SnowLand at the Harbor Pattaya.  The SnowLand staff prepared the snow wears for August who was ready for her first life time experience touching the snow. August was very excited when he played with the snow. 

Then August’s family went to the Bang Sean beach; they took a rest under the beach umbrella, waited the sun to go down a little further that August could walked in the sea and felt the waves.  The little girl was very delighted when her legs were in the sea. She was so happy that her smiley face made the whole family happy too.  August had seafood dinner by the sea with her family and played with the sand before a long ride back home.

When she arrived home, we asked August if she was tired and we got a surprising answers from her: “No!” said August “Not at all, this is the most interesting trip ever in the world!”

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