Belle, 5
 extrarenal rhabdoid tumor
 Wish to see the snow
 King Chulalongkorn 
Memorial Hospital


Belle loved touching the snow and being in the cold air 

Belle’s grandmother have been taking her to see the sea whenever she had a free time; Belle had never seen the snow, so she wished to see it and touch it; Belle aslo dreamed to have a pink teddy bear to be as her friend.  Belle’s wish came true when she went to the Snow Town at Dreamworld theme park and got a pink teddy bear she had been dreamed for.  Due to her illness, Belle was not able to play the slide in the snow Town; however, she asked her grandmom and the staff playing the slide for her.  When Belle touched the snow, she said “it is freezing, but I like to be in the cold air so much”.  The disease Belle has usually makes her body temperature high, so the cold air makes her feel fresh and happy.  The day seeing the snow was the happiest day ever for Belle.  

Belle also enjoyed taking different rides, watching the beast at the farm show and the parades in Dreamworld; before she took the first ride, she was a bit nervous and afraid of taking it; however, she had great fun with a big smile on her face when she was taking the rides, especially the ones taking with her grandmom.  She was happily waving to the princesses, cartoons and moscots in the parades, and kept saying “hi” and “goodbye” to them.  

Special thanks to Dreamworld and Teddy Bear Thailand store sponsored the tickets and the bear, granted Belle’s wish, and made her wish came true!  Dreamworld said they felt happy seeing Belle was having fun, that Belle’s smile brighten their day. 


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