Belle, 16

     inflammatory bowel disease

    Wish to meet Toon Bodyslam

    Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health



Belle met the famous Thai rock star, Toon Bodyslam

Belle wishes to meet Toon Bodyslam, a famous Thai rock star who has been running and doing fundraising for hospitals all over the country of Thailand, from north to south.  She wants to go to the concert which she has never been to in her life.  The wish granter contacted Toon Bodyslam who was willing to give Belle two free VIP all area tickets to his concert, BodyslamFest Wicha Tua Bao live in Rajamagala Stadium, including free access to the backstage of the concert.

Belle went to the concert with her sister, and met Toon at the backstage before the show started; Belle talked a lot with Toon and took selfie with him as she had wished.  Toon gave Belle a set of guitar picks with his symbol printed on and 3 of his books about the journeys of his running trails; after that, Belle enjoyed the concert and she told the wish granter that she wanted to stay at the concert a bit longer, and said: “Toon is a very kind person”.

Specially thanks to Khun Toon Bodyslam-Artiwara Kongmalai, Khun Koi-Rachwin Wongviriga, Khun Menn- Wongsarond Suthikulpanich and Khun Khawoat for your kind support which made Belle’s wish came true.  Meeting Toon is a priceless experience for Belle, which gives Belle courage fighting the critical illness and pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor in the future.

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