Deedee, 10

     ependymoma brain tumor

    Wish to have a party with friends

    King Chulalongkorn’s memorial hospital


Deedee had a great fun with her friends at her party

Deedee wishes to have a birthday party at home with her friends.  She loves to go to school but she can’t ever since she is diagnosed with a critical illness.  Deedee is lonely and wants to spend time with her friends; her wish is to have a party with her friends, exchanging New Year gifts, and treating them with pizzas, chocolate cakes, french fries and hot dogs even though she can’t eat anything due to her illness.  Her grandma said: “she wants to be a giver.”  

She told the wish granter that she wants to have a magic power and to see a magician show.  We threw her a party on 4th February 2019 as a birthday party celebrating her upcoming birthday on the 25th of February.  We thank Gallery Pizza supported pizza for her party, S&P provided a big birthday cake for her, and Balloon Art sponsored balloon decorating the party, especially a balloon of the girl made as a gift for Deedee; moreover, Mr. Tonkhaw, the magician from Thailand Magician Association sponsored and performed the magic show in the party, and a volunteer helped taking pictures and taking care of the sound system. 

Deedee’s friends came to the party in pink based on the theme Deedee chose, Pink and Light Blue.  Most of them brought New Year gifts exchaging with Deedee, while some brought Deedee birthday gifts.  Some of Deedee’s closest friends DIY birthday cards for her.  Everybody enjoyed the food; some of them used  the fancy long straws for soda imitating Deedee with the feeding tube, which made the idea of feeding tube interesting and Deedee loved the idea.  Deedee was so happy although she was tired; she enjoyed the magician show by being a part of it.  She felt fulfilled when she was surrounded by her family and friends.  After the gift exchanging, Deedee seemed very tried so we took her to the bed.  Before we said good night to her, we asked her: “Do you feel tired”,  she nodded with an exhausted face; we asked: “but you are happy, right”, suddenly, her face was glowing and she smiled; she seemed no longer exhausted but happy.

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