Nana, 8
 blua syndrome; glaucoma
 Wish to sing at the singing contest show
 Queen Sirikit National institute of Child Health



Nana had an unforgettable singing audition 

Nana lives in Yala where is in the southern tip of Thailand.  The little girl wishes to sing at the singing contest show, Mic Thongkham Dek airing on Workpoint TV.  With the support of Workpoint Foundation and the producer of the show, the little girl’s wish came true of having an audition at Workpoint Studio where the show she enjoyed watching is filmed at.  She practiced day and night singing the song to be fully ready for the audition. 

Nana took a train traveling for 1070 kilometers to Bangkok for the audition.  The day before the audition, Nana had an appointment with her doctor for a green light to take the audition as Nana could easily have low fever or inflammation in the body.  After a long trip in the train and at the hospital, Nana and her mom stayed at Poonpun Cottage; that night, Nana was full of excitement looking forward to have the audition in the next day.

The day has come!  Although Nana had glaucoma that she needed a helping hand holding her in a new environment, it didn’t beat her when she was at Workpoint Studio for the first time; she had her eyes wide opened that everything seemed so wonderful to her; she wowed at the front hall and along the hallway where was full of trophies and posters of the singing contest show.  Before she started the audition, she had a short singing class; at the beginning, she was too nervous to sing, but she conquered her fear and sang along with the pitch in music.  Nana cheerfully ran around the audition room.  While we had her favorite food, KFC, for lunch at the train station, she kept watching the film of her singing in the audition and singing along with it.  

We thank the kindness of Worldpoint Foundation and the producer of Mic Thongkham Dek granting Nana’s wish, as well as State Railway of Thailand sponsored the tickets that Nana and her mom could enjoyed a comfortable overnight ride to Bangkok for the audition, and the owner of Poonpun Cottage sponsored a blue adorable cottage and the hospitality.  All of you made Nana’s wish journey full of joy and blessing, and we believe that the wonderful journey will be continue carrying on with Nana.


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