Tee, 9
 heart disease and pulmonary hypertension
 Wish to go to Dreamworld
 King Chulalongkorn
      Memorial Hospital
  Surat Thani


Tee’s wish came true of taking his first ride at Dreamworld

Tee had been dreaming of going to amusement park where he had never been to; he also wished to have a transformers robot so that he could play with it when he had to stay at home due to his illness.  On the wish granting day, Tee was really excited, who enjoyed having different rides, as well as playing with the robot he received when he was taking a break from the rides;  he felt amazed with everything he saw in the amusement park since they were totally new to him.  For the rides that he couldn’t take due to his health condition, he eagerly asked his mom and the staff to take the rides for him;  he was happy and kept laughing when he saw them taking the rides.  His big smile made his mom and the others feel no longer tired.  He told us that he will come back and take the rides he didn’t take this time when he is recovered in the future.  Everyone heard it felt very inspired, and believed that he will be coming back soon and continue dreaming big.  The wish came true for Tee made him even stronger fighting for his disease.

We thank the supporters, Hasbro store, Dreamworld and Air Asia, sponsored the robot and the park tickets and the air tickets, for making Tee’s wish came true.  Hasbro store said they were very happy to be a part of granting Tee’s wish and cheering him up; Dreamworld siad they felt happy seeing Tee was having fun, that Tee’s smile brighten their day.

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